Krista: The Other Half Of Me

From when I was a baby
I’ve never been alone,
Beside me there’s a figure
The same alike in tone.

She comes within a mirror, a mirror that’s not glass,
But flesh and bone before me,
It’s me from just a glance.

But she has a different nature
Which isn’t quite like mine,
Just to have her as a friend,
Can make the whole world Shine.

She never moans or whinges,
She leaves that all to me,
Instead she’ll joke and play with you
And sing contentedly.

I see her as an angel, whose day had finally come,
It’s as if she had to stay with me
Until the job was done.

See, I was born the shy and timid one,
But she was bold and daring
And anywhere I went with her,
Just didn’t seem so scary.

She is the other half of me
All could tell you so,
If you didn’t know my Krista,
Then the real me cannot show.

We came within a package inside our mothers’ womb
And there we played and talked all day,
Within our little room.

I cannot express it properly
How much I love her so,
Or how I’ll be so lonely without her hand to hold,

But I hold onto dear memories,
Of the times and things we shared,
The things she did with only me…
And the others who have dared!

I know my Krista’s with me.
She’ll always be my TWIN.
I only have to see myself to see her smiling in.

Written for Krista Ocloo, by her twin Kelly Ocloo. December 1996.

A Poem For Krista

Kris it's been nearly 17 years
And still we have to face the fears
That justice may not be served
When the truth and evidence prove it's absolutely deserved

So much has happened
But somehow still seems unchanged
Your still so close to me - I still think about you constantly

When I do - it makes me smile
So many happy memories - while
I cry that you have been taken from us
Oh Krista it really has been tough!

But something wonderful has come -despite our sighs
I am a mother, I have a son
Who has put the joy back in mum's eyes

You would love him, he's just so clever and he's only two
I just want you to know that we will never
Stop loving and remembering you
You'll stay in our hearts forever and more
Double our age at nearly 34 xx

December 2012

Krista & Kelly

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